Best good luck messages and sayings for exams

Everyday’s life challenges can weigh anybody down and bring fear of uncertainty. It is even more challenging and scary when faced with examinations which will eventually determine certain things in one’s life. Excelling or failing the examinations or a competition can also be influenced by the environment created prior to facing examinations or any other competitions.

Choice of good luck messages we send to those we care about is also important and is dependent of the type of relationships we share with them. Sometimes expressing a good luck message verbally may not be easy.

However, choice of words carried in these good luck messages can deeply enhance our relationship towards those it is directed to. It can also be used to mend broken relations or bridges as they create a sense of “cared for” or loved to the recipient of such good luck messages.

Good luck messages can be sent through postcards, SMS, television and radio broadcast, billboards, social media networks and any other convenient means. The bottom line is to relay the best good luck messages.

Good luck messages for exams

Examinations are part of our human life and we take examinations every now and then. From one class to the next class. Exams can be done weekly, monthly, per semester or yearly. Irrespective of the level of education we are at in the different stages of life, exams always creates anxiety, uncertainty or even self doubt. However much one may be prepared to tackle the exams ahead of them, getting good luck messages can really be uplifting. It can help to wade of some level of fear of failure. Creates calmness and gives inner peace that comes with the thought of somebody is thinking about your success.
Good luck messages are used to encourage and communicate a message of assurance and confidence. These good luck messages are best sent to its recipients before undertaking the examinations. The recipient is able to read these good luck messages in time and feel compelled to work harder in order to impress the sender by performing well.

Good luck messages for exams can be sent by parents to their children, teachers to their pupils/ students, spiritual leaders to their followers, siblings, fellow classmates and friends to each other.

Good luck messages enhance our spiritual relationship with the supernatural powers or beings. Naturally, human beings have a belief or connection to the supernatural powers or world regardless of our religious faiths. Therefore, good luck messages uplift our spiritual faith to believe that we can excel because of the supernatural powers around us.

There are many messages out there that can be sent or used to give confidence and oral support to those sitting for exams. Examples of good luck messages:-

Success and failure comes and goes, don’t be afraid. Make milestones of achievement and remember to stay calm, write what you know and pray! Best of luck in your exams.

Have confidence to tackle any problems, stay focused on your preparation for the oncoming examinations and believe in yourself. All the best and good luck.

Be motivated. Stop stressing about what will happen if things go wrong but start thinking about how awesome life will be after passing in your exams for I believe they will go right. Good luck.

Wishing you the very best of luck for your examinations

Good luck messages for exams to boyfriend

A boyfriend is someone a girl has a special relationship with. When a boyfriend is faced with a challenge of tackling exams, wishing him good luck would really be important.

Therefore, a girlfriend may want to rely a good luck messages to her boyfriend to show concern, to express unwavering love, care and moral support.

The girlfriend can choose to do a handwritten good luck message, send a postcard or even text messages on mobile phones to her boyfriend. These good luck messages trigger the mind of the boyfriend to realize that someone is looking out for him.

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Examples of good luck messages for exams to a boyfriend include:

As you go to sit for this exam, do not be afraid. I am sure you will emerge victorious. My arms will be waiting to receive you.

Having you as my soul mate, I have no doubt of your potential to do your best in the forthcoming exams. Wishing you all the best!

Please accept my reassurance that with your brilliance and confidence you will face the exams ahead of you fearlessly. Good luck, sweetheart.

I will always admire and applaud your achievements and excellence. You are the best!!! Good luck, my dear.

Best of luck, dear! Show the world that you are not a coward. Kisses and hugs for my hero.

It is my responsibility as your girlfriend to wish you the best of luck in your exams. You shall be rewarded with warm hugs and sweet kisses after you finish your exams.

Good luck messages for exams to girlfriend

A good and loving boyfriend will always offer a leaning shoulder to his girlfriend on all occasions. This is because a girlfriend holds a special place in her boyfriend’s heart. Hence when a girlfriend is set to sit for examinations, she needs to receive words of encouragement.

Sending good luck messages to a girlfriend during her examinations goes a long way to boosting her confidence and building a stronger relationship bond.

The boyfriend can choose to do a handwritten good luck message, send a postcard, broadcast message or even SMS to his girlfriend. These good luck messages will inspire the girlfriend to strive hard to excel and feel well cared for by her boyfriend.

Examples of good luck messages for exams to a girlfriend include:-

My sweetheart, I know you maybe be really tensed as the exams approach. Do not lose hope or allow fear to creep into your mind. Prepare well and am sure you will pass with flying colors. Good luck to you.

My best wishes of luck to my dearest girlfriend. May you perform excellently in all your exams. From your loving boyfriend.

Make me proud, my queen. I know you can do it. Wishing you’re my deepest wishes of good luck and success. “I love you……”

May your hard work and dedication pay off in your forthcoming exams. I am confident that you will excel. Good luck to you

An exam is just a process, my dear. Don’t worry about the results for now. Focus your energy on studying hard, stay calm, don’t be stress and be confident. I know your efforts will soon be rewarded. Wishing you all the best.

Good luck messages for a competition

A competition is an organized contest to outsmart a competitor and gain recognition or get rewarded. We encounter competition almost every day in our normal life. Competition therefore increases our adrenaline levels, brings anxiety, fear and anticipation of winning over our rivals.

When faced with major competition like running a championship race, playing football, horse racing, wrestling, swimming or any other form of competition. Sending or receive good luck messages can go a long way to boosting one morale and spirits towards the competition.

Examples of good luck messages for a competition include:-

The race is tough but only the strong willed will emerge the champion. Good luck wishes to you.

We are counting on you to uplift our image and name in the upcoming swimming competition next week. Please don’t fail us. Success and all the best.

I wish you and the entire football team victory as you tackle your opponents for the championship cup. Be assured of my support as your captain. Good luck!

Tough people never give up. So be tough and finish strong. Good luck to you.

Competitions are healthy because they bring the best of our abilities and capabilities. Have no fear in the match that is coming up. Let nothing hold you back. Focus on the final prize. Please receive my wishes of luck in your next match.

Once again an opportunity has presented itself for you to showcase your talent. Believe in yourself and you will achieve your ultimate goal. Wishing you the best of luck.

Good luck wishes for future

The future is a time to come and is something we can never be sure of its outcome. As long as one is alive, we face many challenges in live which either make us or break us. However much one may be prepared, the future can always turn out different from what was anticipated or projected.

The future of our life’s journey is affected in many ways daily. Changes in economy, changes in political grounds, changes in educational systems, globalization are among the factors that affect our future.

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One moment one may be enjoying life and having a time of his/ her life and the next moment everything around us seem to be crumbling down with no ray of hope. When venturing into a new business, things may change for the better or worse. Death of our loved ones can adversely affect the outcome of our future. Moving from a parent-dependent young adult to an independent adult will also affect ones future. Obtaining undergraduate or post graduate degrees affects our future.

Therefore, as human beings it is important to find hope and something to look forward to as life events occur. Good luck wishes can be comforting and reassuring. Such good luck wishes are valued especially when they come from those that we love. Be they parents, siblings, friends, workmates or colleagues. They give us the courage to face the future.

Example of best wishes for future may include:-