Cat and meerkat who are best-friend go viral after striking their unlikely bond

A cat and a meerkat struck up an unlikely friendship - and became social media stars thanks to their adorable snaps.

Owner Ekaterina Kuraeva, 45, of St Petersburg, adopted Surya the meerkat from Moscow Zoo six years ago because she didn’t feel it was getting the care it needed.

Originally from the deserts of Africa, Russia is certainly a different environment for Surya, but he made a comfortable home for himself with Ekaterina and her cat, Nice.

The animals immediately hit it off and have become firm friends in the years since. The pair have different personalities, with Nice being calm and Surya loving nothing more than playing with his furry friend.

The pair can be seen cuddling, playing and eating together on an Instagram account set up by Ekaterina, which has more than 39,400 followers.

‘It is fortunate that they have become friends and are so affectionate to each other,’ Ekaterina told BoredPanda.

Here, a few of their adorable snaps…

Best friends! A meerkat named Surya became the best of friends with and a cat named Nice after he was adopted from Moscow Zoo by owner Ekaterina Kuraeva, 45, from St Petersburgh

Time for a clean! The pair of unlikely besties play, cuddle, nap and eat together. They’ve met six year ago when Ekaterina brought Surya home. Pictured, affectionate Nice licking Surya

Peekaboo! Surya and Nice peek out at Ekaterina from under a paper bag at home

Cuddle! Nice and Surya spend every waking minute together in their St Petersburg home

Nap time! Surya and Nice relax together on the floor of the St Petersburg home

Chilling out: The dynamic duo often nap together around the house after a busy day

Inseparable: Even when they’re feeling sleepy (pictured) the pair stick together

Who are you looking at? Little Surya is very sociable but adapted to life as a house pet

Patient: Nice lets his playful friend get close for cuddles, even though he’s more relaxed

Tender: The two pets snapped in an embrace, with Surya curling into a ball and holding Nice

Camera ready! A closer look at Surya the meerkat, who was adopted from the Moscow Zoo

Unlikely pair! Even though their friendship might be surprising, the pair are really close

Hanging out in the kitchen: Surya joined Ekaterina’s house as a baby and loves Nice

Cosy: Even though Meerkats populate Africa, Ekaterina looks after Surya in Moscow