The newest show-stopping sensation on the rise in Pakistani television is Alizeh Shah. Shah has proven her talents worthy by securing major lead roles alongside prominent actors in a number of drama serials.

She started her career by playing a number of supporting roles in her initial projects. However, she has quickly risen to fame and has gained massive recognition and appreciation. Her incredible acting skills, as well as her beauty, have made her one of the top choices as a representative for numerous brands and organizations.

With an astounding 1.4 million followers on Instagram, Alizeh is also one of the most popular and followed celebrities on the platform.

At the age of 6, Alizeh starred in her first commercial alongside Waseem Akram

The actress was approached by Ajmal Murad while she and her mother were in a shopping mall. Alizeh’s mother was hesitant at first, but she agreed after Ajmal Murad’s team convinced her to, which was the initiation of Alizeh’s acting career.

Alizeh Shah’s parents are very supportive towards her

Alizeh shares a very close bond with her father, and both her parents are very supportive of her career and passion as a performer.

Alizeh’s mother is her shoot buddy!

As a way of making sure that Alizeh is always at comfort and taken care of, her father has made it a rule for her mother to accompany her to the shoots. Not only does this allow the two to spend more quality time with each other, Alizeh’s mother also helps her prepare for scenes and rehearses dialogues with her.

Alizeh is the youngest of her family, and the only sister

Shah has a brother who is older than her. She is also the only daughter, which explains why her parents make sure she is pampered and taken care of.

Alizeh does not work on multiple projects at a time

Shah does not take on several projects at a time, as she is currently pursuing her education in commerce. Which is why she chooses to maintain a balanced relationship with her work and her education.

Alizeh Shah’s finances are managed by her parents

Alizeh’s financial accounts are managed completely by her parents. Her father gives her a monthly allowance, and the rest of her assets go into her savings.

Alizeh wants to pursue her education abroad

Currently, Alizeh Shah is also saving up as she wants to pursue her education abroad. She wishes to continue her higher education abroad, which is also why her parents take care of her finances.

Alizeh does not want to get into an arranged marriage

Alizeh has spoken of how she believes that there needs to be a certain level of compatibility and understanding between two people who are getting married. She says that while she will consider whoever her parents’ choice is, the end decision will be hers to make.

Alizeh is also a good singer

One of Alizeh’s secret talents is her singing skills, for which she credits her brother completely. She mentioned how she always enjoyed music and would follow her brother whenever he would start singing. She hinted that she might even explore this talent in the future!

Alizeh is a humble person, who is only moody on occasion

Alizeh is very clear-headed in terms of her ambition and goals. Her exhausting work schedule is the reason behind her agitation and moodiness.

Alizeh wants to model once she turns 20

Despite being given modeling opportunities at the age of 14, Alizeh declined on request of her father, who said that she could pursue this track once she turns 20. And now, she is waiting for the right age and opportunity to step foot into the fashion world.