Allison Stokke

Allison Rebecca Stokke Fowler (born March 22, 1989) is an American track and field athlete and fitness model. She broke a number of American records for high school pole vaulting. Images of her at age seventeen were widely shared on the Internet, resulting in her becoming an internet phenomenon.

Stokke continued to pole vault, attending University of California, Berkeley, and competing for their California Golden Bears collegiate track team. She competed at two NCAA Division I Championships, achieving All-American honors at the 2011 NCAA Indoor Championships, and earned regional level all-academic honors through her combined athletic and academic performances. She attempted to make the American Olympic team at the 2012 United States Olympic Trials but failed to record a height. She continued vaulting at national level meetings up to 2017.

After college, she became a professional vaulter and sports model for Nike and Athleta, among others.

Allison Stokke is pregnant

Allison Stokke, Famous athlete who rose to fame 15 years ago for one of the first viral photos on the internet, today, at 31 years of age, she has announced that she will become a mother for the first time, along with her partner, golfer Rickie Fowler.

Stokke was 17 years old when a photograph of her in pole vault competition went viral on internet blogs, making her world famous.

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Today, happily married, she will be the mother of a girl and the birth is planned for the month of November, as she herself announced.

In social networks, Allison has more than 600,000 followers, where she shares photos and videos of her life, which she carries with the famous golfer Fowler.

The couple got married in 2019 and today they celebrate that they will become parents of a beautiful girl.

The beautiful athlete continues to preserve that natural beauty that put her on the map in the distant 2007 and in 2017 she moved away from competitions.

ALLISON STOKKE: How A Single Photo Made Her The Famous Internet Sensation That She Is Now


Allison Stokke’s love for pole vaulting began at a very young age as she was born into a family that loved sports. Allison’s brother, David Stokke was a professional youth Gymnast. Allison once tried gymnastics as a sport but did not thrive in it. She then practiced Pole Vaulting which she did excelled in and decided to nurture her potential.

As a high school freshman in 2004, Allison Stokke won the US Championship when she broke the school record under the category of age 15/16, she scaled 3.86m which is 12 feet and 8 inches. The national high school rankings was only the beginning of her athletic career.

In 2005, while in her sophomore level of studying, she broke her record by scaling 4.11m which is 13 feet and 5.75 inches.

No sooner had she scaled 4.11m than she broke her ankle one day while on practice because of miscalculating her steps. The doctors advised her to take a break to recover. This caused Allison Stokke not to compete for six months.

She recovered well and in her senior year at high school, she came back stronger in her sports nd emerged eighth at the national junior championships! She broke her record again by hitting 4.14m which is 13 feet and 7 inches, becoming the California State Champion.

Her pole vault success was recognized by many sportsmen and she earned an athletic scholarship to the University of California where she became part of the California Golden Bears team. In her 2nd year of study, she was able to break her previous record by scaling 4.21 m which is 13 feet and 9.75 inches.

Allison Stokke competed at two NCAA women’s division championships and the 2011 NCAA indoor championships saw her earn regional academic honors. She secured an all-American status when she was in eighth place at the NCAA indoor championship. She was also eighth in the PAC 10 championship.

Rickie Fowler and wife Allison Stokke welcome baby girl

Rickie Fowler and Allison Stokke had a Thanksgiving they’ll never forget, welcoming a baby girl, Maya.

“Happy Thanksgiving everyone!” Fowler wrote on Instagram. “As you can see Allison & I are beyond thankful…a whole new meaning to life!! Maya Fowler born 11/18/21.”

“My heart is full!!” Fowler added.

“Maya Fowler…couldn’t be more thankful!!” Stokke wrote on her Instagram page. “Happy Thanksgiving.”

The couple was congratulated by Olympic legend Michael Phelps, as well as fellow golfers including Jason Day, Max Homa and Lee Westwood.

Fowler, 32, has won five PGA Tour tournaments and has finished in the top three of all four majors. Stokke, 32, competed in pole vaulting at the University of California-Berkley and has modeled athlete wear for Nike and Athleta.

This Viral Photo Ruined Her Life

February 26, 2019 By alberto

When Allison Stokke was a senior in high school, it seemed like the world was at her feet. She was the best high school pole vaulter in the country, and she had many more years to rack up athletic achievements. But one fateful photo derailed all of that — and turned her life upside down.


Allison was born in Newport Beach, California to parents Allan and Cindy Stokke. Sport ran in her family — her older brother David was a national-level youth gymnast. Naturally, young Allison also showed athletic prowess. She dabbled in gymnastics before taking up track and field as she entered high school. It was the beginning of a glorious era for her.

A Teenage Prodigy


At Newport Harbor High School, Allison was a pole vaulting star almost from the get-go. She broke the American record for a high school freshman in 2004 with a height of 12 ft 73/4 in (3.86 m). The next year, she surpassed that and broke the high school sophomore record with a vault of 13 ft 53/4 in (4.11 m). Then came her senior year in high school.

What The Pole Vaulter Is Up To In 2021

Allison Stokke is an accomplished track and field athlete who became a champion pole vaulter while she was still in high school. Unfortunately, she also garnered unwanted attention as a sex symbol when pictures of her were plastered on the internet with some very inappropriate comments.

Yet Stokke was able to move past the disgusting chatter and make quite a happy and successful life for herself. Here’s a look into this impressive athlete’s life and what she’s up to today.

Just Another Day In Sports

Flickr/Alejandro Ferrada

In 2007, Allison was in her final year of high school. With a new best of 13 ft 63/4 in (4.14 m), she ranked second in the national high school rankings. That year, at a competition in New York, a photographer from a Californian track and field website took pictures of the athletes. It was not the first time Allison had been photographed competing. But her life was about to change.

Something To Ogle At


A few months later, a photo of Allison from that competition resurfaced on a sports blog called With Leather. To most people, the picture simply shows a young athlete resting, waiting for her next jump. But for the large male fanbase of the site, it became sexual fantasy fodder. The article that accompanied the photo was titled “Pole Vaulting is Sexy, Barely Legal.” It was the beginning of a rollercoaster for Allison.

The Internet Wild West


The article quickly gained online attention, and word reached the original photographer. He threatened to sue the site’s owner, but it was too late. The photo had spread like wildfire and had been reposted on dozens of other websites. 17-year-old Allison had become a sex symbol in a matter of months, with tribute websites and social media groups devoted to her. The phenomenon soon stretched to mainstream media.

Known Around The World


Newspapers like the New York Times, Washington Post and LA Times wrote commentary pieces about Allison’s involuntary rise to fame. Her notoriety went international, gaining attention in the UK, Germany, and Australia. She was even famous in Asia, as her mother found out when her Korean dry-cleaning attendant recognized her last name and mentioned how everyone in her country was talking about her. Everyone wanted a piece of Allison.

Hounded By Men


Allison found herself fielding thousands of friend requests on Facebook, so much so that it broke the site’s counting mechanism. Aside from emails and requests from media outlets, she began receiving postcards and notes from grown men — many expressing inappropriate sentiments. But Allison was determined to carry on with her life.

Thriving In College

Madeleine Takahashi

Having earned an athletic scholarship to study Sociology at University of California, Berkeley, Allison decided to ignore the attention and focus on school and sports. In her first year of competition, she broke the school record for a freshman athlete and broke her personal best the next year with a vault of 13 ft 91/2 in (4.21 m). But competing had become more difficult since the infamous photo went viral.

Too Much Attention

Avinash Kunnath

Allison’s presence at competitions drew a large crowd of spectators and photographers looking to capture ‘sexy’ pictures of the athlete. Strange men would walk up and ask for a photo with her. The university even had to take down her headshot from their website because men kept asking for a signed copy. The unwanted attention was affecting Allison on more than one front.

Feeling Harassed And Undervalued

Madeleine Takahashi

Being known worldwide for her physical appearance had a negative effect on Allison’s young mind. She found the ogling “creepy and a little scary” and started locking every door behind her. She felt like everyone was overlooking all the things she had worked so hard to achieve. “Nobody sees that. Nobody really sees me,” she said. Even as her athletic success continued, it was slowly being erased.

Obscuring Her Achievements

Instagram/Allison Stokke

Wanting to avoid the wrong kind of attention, Allison’s university went too far in distancing themselves from her. “I think at some point Cal just decided: ‘Don’t put anything up about her,’” she stated. “So even if I jumped high or won a meet, they wouldn’t put up a picture or article, and that’s actually the kind of recognition I would have liked to see.” But Allison held on to her dreams, and in 2012 she had the opportunity of a lifetime.

Olympic Dreams

Sam Kweskin

After graduating from college, Allison continued to train in hopes of making it into the Olympic team. She had a new lifetime best of 14 ft 31/2 in (4.36 m) — but at the U.S. trials for London 2012, she failed to clear the opening height of 13 ft 11 1/4 in (4.25 m). Disqualified from the Olympics, Allison set her sights on a new path.

Growing More Comfortable With Her Fame

Instagram/Allison Stokke

In the immediate years after her viral photo made her famous, Allison rejected the spotlight and turned down many media offers, like the cover of Maxim and an appearance on the Today show. But in her mid-twenties and with a maturity that comes with lived experience, she decided to take control of her own image and use the attention for her own benefit.

Turning Negative Into Positive

Nike, Inc.

Allison became a sportswear model, appearing in campaigns for Athleta, Nike, and Uniqlo. She also made a series of videos for GoPro, attaching a camera to her pole to show a new side of the sport. She continued to pole vault, though she again failed to qualify for the 2016 Olympics. Nevertheless, Allison now embraces a new perspective on life and her notorious 2007 photo.

Finally In Control

Instagram/Allison Stokke

“I feel like me and that picture are two different people,” said Allison about the image that changed her life. “I feel it has taken on a life of its own. It’s like that picture is my alter-ego and sometimes I feel like I use it for a positive force, and sometimes I just choose to leave it out there and not engage with it.”