Kendall Jenner took to her Instagram today to reveal a new magazine cover that she recently landed for Garage. She went topless for the shot that was conceived by artist Maurizio Cattelan, as noted by ARTnews.

The model, who was photographed protruding from a blank wall, gazed directly at the camera while censoring her chest with her hands. Kendall gave an almost blank gaze, parting her lips slightly with a hint of a smile on her face. She wore her hair down in a perfect middle part, her wavy locks falling behind her shoulders. Her makeup application appeared very minimal with a hint of eyeshadow and light pink lipstick.

The symmetry of the shot was further emphasized by the placement of her elbows out to her sides and three white thin pieces that decorated the bridge of her nose.

Kendall’s body was visible from her navel up, the rest of it obscured by the wall. This piece was apparently modeled after another piece by Maurizio from 2003 that was called “Stephanie,” a sculpture that he refers to as “Trophy Wife.” This new piece, however, has simply been dubbed “Kendall Jenner,” a fact that’s displayed at the bottom of the cover via gray duct tape with black writing.

Moreover, the photo was taken by Campbell Addy.

The model’s adoring fans took to the comments section to rave about the new share, including fellow famous models.

“Yup,” wrote Bella Hadid, her comment receiving over 1,450 likes.

“Period!” exclaimed Hailey Bieber, her message garnering over 690 likes.

“Kendall you’re a gd legend,” gushed a third social media user.

“Looks like a horror scene from a movie!! Scary looking!!” exclaimed a follower.

The fan was likely picking up on the almost clinical feel of the photo, which was emphasized by the lighting, Kendall’s expression, and static pose. She also appears to be emulating a hunting trophy, which makes sense considering that the original artwork was called “Trophy Wife.”

This wasn’t her only photo from the shoot, however, as she shared several more sneak peeks in a subsequent post.

In addition, Kendall shared another magazine cover on January 9, that time for Vogue Magazine. The photo had an entirely different vibe and she was photographed from her waist up wearing a black top with an abstract accent on her upper arm. The bombshell wore her short black hair down in a middle part and glanced at the camera with a small smile on her face. Her makeup application included shimmery pink eyeshadow, dark blush, and lipstick.