Margot Robbie Spills How She and Her Friends Exacted Revenge on Exes After Breakups

WENN/Mario Mitsis Celebrity

When talking about her alter ego’s actions in an interview, the actress playing ‘Harley Quinn’ in ‘Birds of Prey’ opens up about her unusual way of response to being dumped.

Feb 1, 2020

AceShowbiz - Margot Robbie and her friends have an unusual way of exacting revenge when a boyfriend breaks up with them - they go and egg his car.

The “Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn” star reprises the role of Harley Quinn in the new DC movie, who goes all out to get her own back when a relationship is ended by someone other than her.

And reflecting on her alter ego’s actions during an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Margot admitted she also has an unusual way of responding when she’s dumped.

“I do have a wonderful group of girlfriends back in Australia - we’ve been friends since we were like four years old, and anytime a dude breaks up with a girl in the group, all the girls go and egg his car,” she laughed.

However, the situation is not always appropriate, as Margot added: “One time I broke up with a boyfriend, and they were like, ‘How dare he! We’re going to go egg him!’ And I was like, ‘No, don’t! I broke up with him. He’s a really nice person. Please don’t egg his car! Thank you, I love you guys, but don’t do that’.”

Luckily Margot doesn’t need to worry about that anymore - she’s now happily married to British director and producer, Tom Ackerley.