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These photographs are really spectacular. The conditions were exactly right for the photographers to capture these images. Enjoy the stillness here.

When Water Is Still, Beautiful Images Can Be Captured…

We can all agree that water has many beneficial properties, but we often forget to stop and admire its clear and unique beauty, which provides the world’s most beautiful places with a kind of mirror. Sunsets, trees, flowers, animals, and blue skies – each one of these breathtaking views reflects in the water, painting them in millions of shades.

These 20 photos from around the world are the best examples of how divine this phenomenon is. This is an excellent opportunity to lean back and enjoy the music and wonderful photos that can bestow upon you a sense of tranquility, and admire the beauty of Mother Nature’s art.

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1. Groningen, The Netherlands

2. Vestrahorn, Iceland

3. Dolomites, Italy

4. Flåm, Norway

5. Pernica Lake, Slovenia

6. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

7. Lake Bled, Slovenia

8. Taiwan

9. Lisbon, Portugal

10. Lake Jasna, Slovenia

11. Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.

12. Seryan Lake, South Korea

13. Mount Taranaki, New-Zealand

14. Bavaria, Germany

15. Lake Wanaka, New-Zealand

16. Hallstatt, Austria

17. Lago Verde, Italy

18. Sevastopol, Russia

19. Busan, South Korea

20. Sparks Lake, Oregon, U.S.A.