Nancy Pelosi Funny Memes and Jokes Go Viral After Speaker of US House of Representatives Tears Up Donald Trump’s State of Union Speech!

Nancy Pelosi Tears up Trump’s State of Union Speech (Photo Credits: Twitter)

It seems the world is gripped over the political drama between Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. President Donald Trump at his Union speech on stage. President Trump completed his third State of the Union Address on February 4 (Tuesday) in Washington D.C. As the audience stood to applaud, Pelosi, who was sitting with Vice President Mike Pence, also stood up. He was standing behind Trump’s podium. While everyone else was applauding Trump’s speech, Pelosi tore up the sheets of paper containing his address. This dramatic moment captured in the video has surfaced widely on social media. Soon we see Pelosi funny memes and jokes taking over Twitter with the clip going insanely viral.

Pelosi, the most senior Democrat in Congress, initiated the impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump. Hence it was one of the most anticipated moments of the President’s appearance at the Capitol. Media reports noted that two had not seen each other since October, 2019. Pelosi extended her hand as the President approached to take his place at the podium. But Trump ignored her and turned away without accepting it.

Here’s the Video:

President Trump declines to shake Speaker Pelosi’s outstretched hand at #SOTU2020 — Reuters (@Reuters) February 5, 2020

Pelosi, who was sitting behind Trump’s podium, merely smiled and sat down. After Trump concluded his nearly 78-minute speech, everyone stood to applaud, including Pelosi. But she ripped up the copy of his speech. The dramatic moment was caught on camera, and it stirred up meme fest on social media. Twitter is going wild, living the moment and cracking some hilarious jokes.

Watch Video: Pelosi Tears Up Trump’s Speech!

#WATCH US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tore a copy of US President Donald Trump’s speech at the end of his third State of the Union Address, in Washington DC. — ANI (@ANI) February 5, 2020

Can Twitter Stay Calm?

Nancy Pelosi ripping up Trump’s speech sent me. #SOTU2020 — Nick Sarotte (@Nick_Sarotte) February 5, 2020


People Applaud Pelosi for Tearing the Speech:

Speaker Pelosi couldn’t wait to get her hands on Trump’s #SOTU2020 speech, she tore right through it! 😂😍👏👏 BRAVO Madam Speaker, the American people have had enough of his lies! — Peter Morley (@morethanmySLE) February 5, 2020

Every Trump Supporter!


Happy Tears!

Mid-Week Blues, Anyone?

#NancyPelosi tearing up #DonaldTrump ’s speech for State of the Union in two is a whole mood and my new favourite thing 😌 — Prem Mishra (@premmishra) February 5, 2020

This was Pelosi and Trump’s first encounter since October, when Democrats reportedly walked out of a meeting with Trump on Syria, where he called her a “third-rate politician.” When asked why she tore the copy, Pelosi stated that the speech was a “manifesto of mistruths,” and his words gave “no comfort” to families looking for better healthcare.