Narcos Mexico 2: Review, Cast, Character Guide And How It Continues To Be Surprising

Narcos is the American crime thriller that took over the screens since its release.

The first season talks about a Colombian drug lord- the infamous Pablo Escobar and the incidents primary to the leader.

The first season consists of ten episodes, airing in the year 2016.

Narcos: Mexico was initially addressed to be the fourth season of Narcos.

However, it later develops into a companion series as we see now.

The first season of Narcos: Mexico made it to the screen in the year 2018.

And, after almost one and a half year we get the gripping second edition.

When Is The Second Season Of Narcos Due?

The second season of Narcos: Mexico is available on Netflix.

Good news for the fans is that it is available on Netflix this week, 13th of February.

This season too, like the previous one consists of ten episodes.

What Does Narcos: Mexico Season 2 Hold For Us?

The second season of this crime thriller fills us with more drama and bloodshed than ever.

The intensity of crime increases as the story portrays a very influential drug lord.

It is about the leader of the Guadalajara Cartel, Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo.

Similar to the first season, we see more depth into the rise and fall of drug lord Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo.

The series shows us how an ex-cop turns into the leader and mastermind of an underworld drug business.

The second season shows us the DEA agents attempt to take down the drug lord, Miguel.

In the spirit of the drug-themed drama, we get to see the life of a drug Lord in Mexico in the 70s and 80s.

Who Form The Cast Of Narcos: Mexico Season 2?

As you already know, the central character is Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo.

Actor Diego Luna plays our primary character for the show.

Next up the line is Maria Elvira Murillo who plays Miguel’s ex-wife and Michael Pena and Scoot McNairy play our critical DEA agents.

Jose Maria Yazpik plays Amado Carrillo Fuentes, Gerardo Taracena plays Pablo Acosta Villarreal, who are members of the Juarez Cartel.

Members of other cartels are also introduced and played by several famous actors.