New smartphone blocks minors from sending nude selfies : The Asahi Shimbun

A new app prevents minors from taking nude selfies and sending them to sexual predators.

Dream Train Internet Inc. said its Tone Mobile smartphone is designed to reduce the chances of minors being deceived or threatened into sending nude selfies to those they come into contact with over the Internet.

The camera automatically determines the appropriateness of an image by the amount of nudity or the level of revealing clothing worn by the user.

If an image is determined to have crossed the line, such as a nude shot, a message pops up that prevents the camera from clicking. The image cannot be taken or stored.

The app also has a function that alerts parents and guardians when an inappropriate image is detected. The information displays the time and location of the planned photo as well as a blurred version of it.

Atsuki Ishida, who heads Tone Mobile, said, “Our mission is to ensure children can use their smartphones safely.”

The new smartphone sells for a tax-inclusive price of 21,780 yen ($198).