Pilot’s ‘dangerous’ selfie taken mid-air above Dubai will terrify nervous flyers… but is all as it seems?

A PILOT’S “dangerous” mid-flight cockpit selfie has stunned and horrified viewers - but you’ll be pleased to learn that the snap isn’t as legit as it first seems.

Instagram user Pilotganso shared the unbelievable selfie to his 44,000 followers last month, and it’s fair to say the mind-blowing snap has really taken off since then.

The poster, a man claiming to be a Brazilian pilot, appears to be leaning out of the window of his cockpit in the incredible viral photo.

But rather than snapping a photo while safely sat on the airport tarmac, the pilot’s shot appears to have been taken in mid-air, over Dubai’s iconic Palm Islands.

Shared alongside the caption: “Its already my second hometown #dubai Selfie”, the snap sent nervous flyers into a frenzy as soon as it was uploaded.

But there’s no need to panic, since the picture is actually a fake.

airplane window pictures

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That’s sufficient reason to book a window seat right? 😉

In fact, the pilot’s Instagram feed is jam-packed with similar shots, supposedly showing him wafting his selfie-stick out of the cockpit in mid-air.

But while previous photos have come with disclaimers which explain that the bronzed pilot has been photoshopping his incredible pictures, this latest snap looked alarmingly like the real deal.

Thankfully, an aviation expert took to Flyertalk forum, to prove that the snap was a hoax and to share the telltale signs which gave it away.

The anonymous commenter wrote: “Ship ascending northbound from nowhere. Direction of shade not matching those of houses. Winglet color (inward) not matching Fly Dubai scheme.”

Other photos on the photoshop-loving pilot’s Instagram account feature similarly outrageous poses, although passengers will be pleased to know that they are all faked.

In one, the beaming pilot appears to be leaning out of a cockpit above New York, giving a thumbs-up to a camera which has no right to be on the nose of a passenger plane.

Another shot, captured over Rio de Janeiro, claims to show the pilot’s tie billowing in the wind as he stretches precariously out of the driving seat.

Meanwhile, other snaps are a bit more down to Earth, simply showing the pilot sat in the inside of a plane’s cockpit.

Commenting on one of his more outrageous selfies, one Instagram user wrote: “What the hell is wrong with you?”

Another chipped in to say: “People do anything these days just to get likes and comments on IG.”

But plenty of astute viewers also clocked that the pictures weren’t meant to be taken too seriously.

One asked: “How come this does not effect the cabin pressure or like blow your face away because of the wind speed??!!”

This isn’t the only time we’ve been baffled by a viral snap which isn’t quite all as it seems.

Previously, we shared a photo which looks like a normal festival shot, until you look closer at what’s really going on.

We also revealed that there may be more than meets the eye to a very rude-looking snap from the volcano-ravaged Roman city of Pompeii.