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A stunning train conductor sacked for taking a series of saucy social media pics has won compensation.

Canadian Pacific train conductor Stephanie Katelnikoff, 30, from Calgary, was fired in 2017 for posing on railway property, after being investigated by the company.

It was also claimed she made disparaging comments about the rail operator – but now a union has won an unfair dismissal claim.

She will now receive compensation but falls short of being offered her old job back.

Katelnikoff’s lawyer Richard Hornung said the most she should have got was a short suspension. He also found a complaint made against the rail worker was sent from a fake account made by someone at the company.

However, he admitted her posts after her sacking were inappropriate, including one which was sexually suggestive and mentioned the name of an officer investigating the case.

(Image: Facebook/Miss Demeanour)

Speaking about the decision Katelnikoff said: “What a girl does in her spare time when she goes home with her life and her body isn’t anybody else’s business but her own. And if it’s not hurting anyone, then it really shouldn’t matter to the company.

“I’m with a really good company now so that helps take away the sting of not getting to go back to the railroad.

(Image: Facebook/Miss Demeanour)

“At least I’m somewhere that I like and they treat me really well and they’re really understanding and progressive.”

In a follow-up statement, she posted one photo that allegedly led to her sacking and thanked her lawyer.

She said: “It means a great deal to women everywhere for a learned arbitrator that find that my personal selfies and modelling photos did not amount to conduct unbecoming.

(Image: Facebook/Miss Demeanour)

“I’m sorry if my body offends you but not everyone in the world is that judgemental.”

In another post she continued: “Did I make some mistakes? Absolutely. Did they warrant my dismissal? Absolutely not. Were my personal photos revealing? Sure. Can you legally fire someone in part or in whole for being “too sexy/sexual” on their personal time? Apparently not!”

The amateur model is now believed to be working for a company fixing heavy equipment and trailers.

In an interview after her win, she added she is interested in returning to college to study law.