Shane Mosley: Jake Paul Has Good Speed, Power, Technique

Hall of Fame fighter “Sugar” Shane Mosley is aligning forces with YouTuber Jake Paul and serving as the content creator’s coach ahead of the socialite’s slugfest against AnEsonGib this Thursday in Miami on DAZN.

Mosley believes he has a talented and committed boxer on his hands, just as his pupil prepares to make his pro debut.

“He’s looking good. He has good speed, power and technique. He can throw. I really put him to the test,” said Mosley. “I had him spar with some really good guys, and he didn’t quit after taking some good shots. He kept going. I’m really happy the way he’s progressed … I make sure training is just not hitting the bag and punching. We have a complete system.”

Mosley and Paul were training together in Big Bear, Calif. before breaking from camp. The 23-year-old Paul sparred the likes of undefeated Ukrainian knockout artist Serhii Bohachuk to get a better taste of the big leagues.

“Serhii hit him with some really hard shots. He was gaining the respect of Bohachuk,” said Mosley. “He’s taking to it like a real fighter. Like any person coming off the street that wants to fight. He really wants to learn and he has the fighter’s spirit. He doesn’t stop training.”

Mosley is following the footsteps of father Jack and becoming a trainer for the time being himself. Whether or not he’ll be in the coaching game for the long haul remains to be seen.

“I wouldn’t say I’m a full-time trainer, but Jake Paul is my friend. I’m looking out for his well being,” said Mosley. “If he’s going to come into the sport, he has to do it right. Boxing is entertainment, and he wants to fight. He just so happens to be a YouTuber and celebrity. If I thought that he was cheating the sport, I wouldn’t train him. I don’t have the time for that, and people making a mockery of the sport. I put him in the ring with some pretty good professionals. They were pushing him and putting some heat on him and he kept coming. It impressed me. I had to tell them to calm down a little bit and give him a chance.”

Mosley believes brothers Jake and Logan, who also headlined an event last year at Staples Center and was coached by Shannon Briggs, are good for the sport no matter what detractors think.

“YouTube fights are not the future of boxing, but it’s the future of entertainment,” said Mosley. “It brings the younger generation to boxing. Jake spent Christmas and the holidays in training, and that’s honorable. He’s taking it seriously.”

Manouk Akopyan is a sports journalist and member of the Boxing Writers Assn. of America since 2011. He has written for the likes of the LA Times, Guardian, USA Today, Philadelphia Inquirer, Men’s Health and and currently does TV commentary for combat sports programming that airs on Fox Sports and hosts his own radio show in Los Angeles. He can be reached on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube at @ManoukAkopyan or via email at [email protected].