singaporean sugar baby making $3,000 a month: we’re not sex workers

“Lucky” and “grateful” were words that Singaporean Felice Ang, 23, used to describe her state of mind when she’s with her boyfriend.

And the expensive gifts and experiences that he showers on her? They are a “privilege” of their relationship.

The gifts include hotel stays, the latest gadgets and custom jewellery. That, as well as cold, hard cash.

If this all sounds a little odd, that’s because these are perks that Felice enjoys as a “sugar baby” to her 35-year-old “sugar daddy”.

Felice, a member of controversial Malaysian-based sugar dating site Sugar Book, shared with AsiaOne how she entered sugar dating, the process of finding her sugar daddy, and if providing sexual services is part of the job.

She meets us at Orchard (our choice) dressed in an off-shoulder wrap dress with a crotch-high slit that threatened to expose her with every step. A pair of matching heels appeared to lend her an awkward gait. Instead of a Louis Vuitton or Chanel we were expecting, a Kate Spade bag hung over her shoulder.


For Felice, choosing to be a sugar baby “two to three years” ago stemmed from a very basic motivation: money.

Then an undergrad, Felice described her decision as a “necessity” for her at the time, so that she could afford her university fees that were “well into the $50,000 range”.

She declined to reveal which university she graduated from, except that it’s “one of the top universities in Singapore”.

Her parents, who work in F&B, were unable to cope with her hefty student loans, and Felice, an only child, struggled to keep herself in school working two part-time jobs.

At her lowest point, Felice said she subsisted on just instant noodles and a loaf of bread for a week.

Said Felice: “I got to know about sugar dating when I was attending one of my student hall parties.

“Some of my mutual friend’s girlfriends were talking about their ‘sugar daddies’ very excitedly, so that got me intrigued.

“They introduced me to the ropes of [sugar] dating, so that got me more familiarised with it.”

PHOTO: AsiaOne

So what are the rules exactly?

“Like firstly, you have to respect that the sugar daddy will have to have his needs met, and you’ll have to respect what his schedule is like. Also, as a sugar baby, what are your boundaries.”

Another requirement that the agency demands, according to Felice, is exclusivity on both sides, but like many relationships, faithfulness is not something one can easily enforce.


So what exactly is sugar dating?