This Tote Bag Fits Everything, Weighs Nothing, and Has Helped Ease My Purse-Related Shoulder Pain

There are many atypical—albeit wonderful—aspects of living in a bustling metropolis like New York City. The infectious energy! The 2 a.m. Thai food!

But by and large, the best (and depending on the day, the worst) part of living in a fast-paced city like New York is that you can live an entire lifetime in a day. Or so it feels. Where else can you go for a run in Central Park, eat dim sum, hit a sample sale, and see a Broadway show—all before two in the afternoon?

Of course, it’s rarely that glamorous. Most days, the “go-go-go” is much more about waking up at the crack of dawn, pounding a coffee, hitting a workout class, getting to work on time, picking up my laundry from the cleaners, carting home a million pounds of groceries, and making a desperate attempt to maintain some semblance of a social life.

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“Your lifestyle here feels like urban camping!” my mom pointed out on a recent visit. She was watching me stuff three separate reusable tote bags with all things I’d need to power me through the day ahead: shoes for spin class, shower essentials, a change of clothes for work (heels included), makeup, a few snack options, my laptop, an array of device chargers, water bottle, a hat and mittens, my wallet, keys…you get the gist. “You’re going to lug all that stuff around the city for hours in those crumby little canvas bags?” she asked. It was a scary sight, especially for my shoulders. Something had to be done.

The solution to my every sherpa—and shoulder—related issue came in the form of Think Royln’s Wingman tote bag ($142; The aptly-named carryall has completely changed my life, especially on days when I’m frantically running around with no end in sight. The Wingman is made from down-like quilted polyfill, which weighs almost nothing (I’ve got enough to carry). It features two perfectly sized handles as well as an optional ‘guitar strap,’ so I can decide whether a cross-body or over-the-shoulder situation is more comfortable on any given day.
The inside zip pocket, water bottle holder, and exterior pocket give me plenty of opportunities to organize my items without having to open a zillion zippers when I’m searching for my sunglasses. It’s the best balance of sporty and stylish, too: think cute gym duffel bag vibes but polished enough to carry into a meeting. The Wingman comes in 25 different prints and colors, so you can choose from neutral solids like black or navy to gold-trimmed camo, tie-dye, leopard print, and more. (Honestly, my favorite part is probably the solid black base, because it means I can set my light blue bag down on the subway without worrying it’ll end up with a weird stain.)
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I’ve since reserved those old, uncomfortable canvas tote bags for trips to the farmer’s market only. The name ‘Wingman’ is obviously fitting, because this thing comes everywhere. And I’m not the only one: my best friend just had a baby and I gifted her one—she says it’s the best tote-turned-diaper bag she never knew she needed.