Toni Storm Reveals How Private Media Leak Affected Her Life

WWE NXT locker room is filled up with bright talents who has all the tools to carry the company’s flag in the future. Rhea Ripley is the latest example who has become the new NXT Women’s Champion and being helmed as the future of the female roster.

In addition, another woman whom WWE has hidden as of late is Toni Storm. The gem of a wrestling talent has showcased her skills around the indie scene as well as on NXT UK Women’s division.

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For those who have forgotten, Toni Storm has also won the 2nd edition of Mae Young Classic tournament in 2018 to make history. It should have been marked good times for her. Unfortunately, she fell victim to social media leaks and went into a depression near about one year ago. That was a devastating time for her as discussed, recently.

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Toni Storm discussed being a fan while growing up as she joined Lilian Garcia’s podcast, Chasing Glory. She fell in love with wrestling as a kid. She was just 10 years old when the wrestling bug bit her bad as she could not think of anything else beyond this. But Storm could have barely imagined the nightmare she dealt with following the private media leaks on the internet.

It has forced her to delete all the social media accounts and got herself detached from the public. The situation deteriorated as Toni Storm has also gone through an anxiety period. The Australian beauty has gone through her experience while talking to the former WWE ring announcer, (courtesy

“I just shut down because I noticed stuff that had leaked because I was already kind of in a bad place mentally. I always really struggled with depression and anxiety.

I’ve never really spoken out about it; I don’t know why. There’s not really any reason for it. I’m not sure why I suffer from it, but a lot happened growing up where I lost my grandfather and there was a lot of drama with my family.”

“At 16, I was diagnosed with anxiety. When all that came about, I was already struggling. I was like, I don’t want to know about any of this. I didn’t want to face it, so I just one day I was like the hell with this. I didn’t want to be seen, I really didn’t because I was completely humiliated and ashamed. It was awful and I didn’t even know who to turn to.”

The good thing is that the bright talent has managed to bounce back, effectively. She received a lot of emotional support, both online and in-person to start enjoying regular life. More importantly, she managed to come back to wrestling. The social media accounts for Toni Storm have also been restored as she thanked fans for all the loves,

“I love all of my fans and love the support that I get. It means more than they realize. I may not always get the chance to respond, but it means a lot to me,” said Storm. “I don’t know how I came out of that, to be honest. I suffered greatly from depression. I have been a very self-destructive person for a lot of years. I have been really awful to myself. Nothing to do with the leaks or anything, but it’s been terrible and I was wondering how I can deal with that.”

WWE has let Toni Storm perform at this year’s Survivor Series PPV event when she represented Team NXT under the leadership of Rhea Ripley. In the future, she is expected to get into a feud with Ripley for the NXT Women’s Championship.