YouTuber NikkieTutorials selected to host online Eurovision

Famous YouTuber and beauty guru Nikkie De Jager AKA “NikkieTutorials”, has been chosen to act as the online presenter for the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 which will be held in her home country, the Netherlands. The 65th annual song competition will take place Rotterdam this May and will see Nikkie acting as a digital host for the Eurovision’s three online channels as well as hosting a backstage YouTube series featuring this year’s participating artists.

Nikkie has been in the spotlight as of late for the emotional video she posted to her YouTube channel where she came out to her millions of followers as a transgender woman. In the 13 minute long video, Nikkie divulged how she began her transition in her teens and although she was planning on coming out to her fans at some point, the reason she chose to do so now was that she was blackmailed into it. Appearing on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Nikkie spoke out about how she received emails threatening to “expose” her, and so she made the decision to come out herself and take back the power her blackmailer tried to strip her of.
Despite this rough beginning to the new year Nikkie is on the up and up, with the support of her millions of fans, her friends and family, and loving fiancé. Securing this Eurovision job is just another of the many achievements the 25 year old can tick off her bucket list.

Nikkie took to social media to share the exciting news with her followers, taking to Twitter to say she is “beyond honoured and thrilled” to be doing the online hosting for this year’s competition.

GOOD EVENING EUROPE 🎤✨ I am beyond honored and thrilled to announce that I’m the online host for #ESC2020 ❤️😱 I’ll appear on all three #Eurovision live shows AND host a special YouTube series with this year’s participating artists in ROTTERDAM! 🇳🇱 — NikkieTutorials (@NikkieTutorials) February 10, 2020

She also went on to post twice on her Instagram sharing the same message she previously posted on Twitter as well as a video of her getting ready for the photoshoot which revealed her as the online presenter.

NikkieTutorials explained to her Instagram how she had wanted to be involved in the Eurovision Song Contest since seeing last year’s Dutch winner Duncan Laurence bag the number one spot in Tel Aviv. She expressed her excitement saying that she was “so extremely honoured” when she was approached about hosting and says she is “really looking forward to immersing [herself] in this unique experience for two weeks.”

This year’s Eurovision kicks off on Tuesday May 12, and will run until Saturday May 16. If you would like to watch Nikkie’s coverage of the contest as well as her exclusive behind the scenes interviews with contestants, be sure to check out her social media accounts leading up to the dates.