Zoo Boise Wants You to Name a Cockroach After Someone For Valentine’s Day

Chocolates are yummy. Roses are pretty…but this is a Valentine’s Day gift option we’re pretty sure your significant other will never forget!

Like clock work, you see the headline go viral that the El Paso Zoo in Texas will let you name a cockroach after your ex and have it fed to another one of the animals during a 3 day long Anti-Valentine’s Day event. The Bronx Zoo in New York has a similar program, where you can get certificate showing your adoption for $15 or a $55 package that gives you a pair of roach socks and roach candle in addition to your certificate.

If the roach concept sounds enticing to you, just know that you don’t have to give your money away to an out-of-state zoo! Zoo Boise offers a similar program! For $10, you can get an e-mail certificate showing that you’ve named a Zoo Boise cockroach for someone. However, in Boise naming a cockroach for someone isn’t malicious like it is at these other zoos. It’s meant to be the ultimate sign that your love can survive anything, just like the creepy crawly.

If you’d like to take it a step further you can upgrade your package to spend some one on one time with your Valentine and one of your favorite zoo animals. The private tours packages include: