Drivers Slam McDonald’s After TikTok Shows Counter Full of Orders


A viral TikTok video showing a McDonald’s counter overcrowded with orders has sparked a conversation about the difficulties of delivering fast food.

“This is what happens when you take 45 minutes to make 1 order and no drivers want to collect,” says the overlay text on the video, which pans across the countertop cluttered with McDonald’s packages. The video has been viewed more than 446,000 times since it was posted on Sunday by user @contravolta123_.

The Daily Dot counted about 30 packages in the video.

According to users chiming in in the comments section, this is standard for McDonald’s delivery orders, and many customers say it’s not worth the wait.

“Problem is that even if the drivers do accept the order it’s stone cold and the customer blames the driver,” one user wrote.

“Always decline McDonald’s order,” another user added, addressing delivery app drivers. “They rude and always make the drivers wait 30 [minutes].”

Other delivery drivers shared their view on why they don’t take orders from McDonald’s.

“What driver is gonna wait 45 min [just for around $6] for the delivery,” wrote another user who is based in the U.K., according to their TikTok bio.

It’s not clear which McDonald’s location is shown in the video, but previous posts from the TikToker who posted the video indicate that they are based in the U.K.

“As a delivery driver I purposefully never accept McDonald’s order,” wrote one user. “They NEVER tip well enough and always waste your time.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to McDonald’s for comment and was unable to reach out to the TikToker who first shared the video.

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Central Virginia students damaging school property as part of a nationwide TikTok trend


RICHMOND, Va (WRIC) – Students in Chesterfield are participating in a nationwide TikTok challenge called ‘devious lick,’ which challenges students to destroy school property and steal random objects.

Similar damage is being seen in Richmond and Henrico schools, which mirrors the same destruction in Chesterfield related to the devious lick trend.

In a letter to James River High School parents on Tuesday, principal Amanda Voelker said officials are having to reroute students who need to use the boys’ bathroom to single-use restrooms with monitors throughout the building because every boy’s bathroom has been vandalized twice.

Voelker said in every boys’ bathroom, students took light fixtures from the ceiling, flooded toilets, destroyed or stole every soap and towel dispenser, smashed mirrors and sprayed colored liquid all over the toilets repeatedly last week. Students did it again Monday.

“I am heartbroken that we are having to deal with such concerns this early in the school year,” Voelker said in the letter.

She went on to say the behavior presented a “serious concern given the importance of hygiene in our current COVID environment.”

School officials used their camera system to identify students who participated in causing the damage. Voelker said consequences for those students include suspension from school and restitution for damages.

The building operations supervisor is making repairs and custodians are cleaning up the mess at James River High, according to Voelker.

In Henrico schools, the district’s director of facilities Susan Moore said there have been several incidents of vandalism, although it’s difficult to tie specific incidents to a social media trend.

She said students have been trying to pry soap dispensers off the walls in school bathrooms. Moore said the district has purchased additional dispensers for replacements and their custodial staff will continue checking the bathrooms periodically.

Any students who are known to be responsible for any kind of vandalism will be disciplined according to the rules in HCPS’ Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct states that punishment for vandalism of school property could range from detention to referral to law enforcement where required depending on the severity of the behavior.

Richmond Public Schools officials are aware of limited damage to two school bathrooms. RPS spokesperson Matthew Stanley told 8News the facilities team is working to finish repairs quickly. He said they don’t have any confirmation that the damage is connected to the TikTok trend.

RPS was not able to answer follow-up questions Wednesday regarding how many kids were involved in causing the damage, which schools the vandalism happened in or what consequences the kids involved will face.

TikTok has since banned content surrounding the viral challenge, asking students to be kind to their schools and teachers. Anyone searching for #deviouslick will now get a ‘no results found’ message.

We expect our community to create responsibly – online and IRL. We’re removing content and redirecting hashtags & search results to our Community Guidelines to discourage such behavior. Please be kind to your schools & teachers. — TikTokComms (@TikTokComms) September 15, 2021

There’s also a new, counter-trend on TikTok called “angelic yield”. It challenges students to replace anything stolen and upgrade toilet paper in school bathrooms with quality 3-ply Charmin.

TikTok of a McDonald’s struggling to deal with orders sparks debate about delivering fast food


Food deliveries have become an increasingly popular habit for many, after all, dinner is just one tap away.

But one TikTok video has shown the reality of what happens when drivers are met with a mountain of orders.

TikToker @contravolta123_ has shared footage of a McDonald’s where the countertop can be barely seen due to the sheer number of food orders scattered all around, ready to be collected by delivery drivers.

As the on-screen text caption reads: “This is what happens when you take 45 minutes to make 1 order and no drivers want to collect.”

After looking through the TikToker’s previous videos, it seems that they are based in the UK.

There appears to be at least 30 different orders within the shot as the TikToker pans around the restaurant counter.

Since posting about the vast number of orders, the video has been viewed over 500,000 times - with nearly 30,000 likes and dozens of comments from people sharing their thoughts on what they have just watched.

Some noted this is a problem with food deliveries, and particularly mentioned McDonald’s as an example.

One person wrote: “Problem is that even if the drivers do accept the order it’s stone cold and the customer blames the driver.”

“Worst thing to happen to Maccies was getting 3rd parties in to deliver,” another person said.

Someone else added: “Explains why it’s always cold and takes an age to be delivered.”

“Always decline McDonald’s order, they’re rude and always make drivers wait 30 mins,” a fourth person replied.

While delivery drivers themselves provided an insight into their job and why they would avoid scenarios like the one depicted in the TikTok.

One person wrote: “I stopped pickup from McDonald’s on busy nights, not worth it.”

“As a delivery driver I purposefully never accept McDonald’s order. They NEVER tip well enough and always waste your time,” another person said.

Someone else added: “What driver is going to wait 45 min just to earn £5 [over $6] for the delivery.”

“As a driver, I quickly learned not to pick up orders from places that take a long time. Even if the tip is good. The waiting is not worth it,” a fourth person replied.

Indy100 has contacted McDonald’s for comment.