Haliee Steinfield wants partner to be ‘confident in themselves’


Hailee Steinfeld knows what she wants credit:Bang Showbiz

Hailee Steinfeld wants a partner who is “confident in themselves”.

The 24-year-old star has revealed what she’s looking for in a relationship, which has inspired her new music after her 2020 EP, ‘Half Written Story’, was more focused on heartbreak.

Haille - who is currently single - told Cosmopolitan magazine: “I want a partner who is, first and foremost, loyal and honest but confident in themselves and able to do their thing while I do mine.

“It’s weird talking about it because it’s been in my head for so long.

“A lot of this music is also about taking control and taking ownership of one’s self. But I also think there’s power in claiming what you want, and maybe what you want is not to be alone.”

The pandemic prompted a shift for Haliee, as she started asking herself questions about what she wants from a life partner.

She explained: “The question that you just asked is basically it. ‘Who do I want to take on the world with? What kind of person is that? What do they look like? What do they stand for?’

“They’re not necessarily questions I have the answers to, but I’m asking the questions, whereas they didn’t occur to me before.

“That’s the part of my life I’m excited to be in, that I’m even thinking that way.”

Despite the relationship talk, Haliee - who keeps her dating life private - insisted she’s “very focused” on herself and “couldn’t be happier about it”.

She added: “I have moments where I’m like, ‘All my friends are engaged, married, dating.’ What a wonderful thing that seems like, right?

“I really don’t ever have moments of, ‘Oh god, I feel so single’, but it is funny how in the past year or so, a lot of people have gotten engaged or married.

“I’m like, ‘Everybody’s gotta slow down for me, okay?'”

Why Kate Bishop Is a Hawkeye Fan, According to Hailee Steinfeld


(The following story contains spoilers from the first two episodes of “Hawkeye” on Disney+)

Hawkeye is probably not your favorite Avenger, but don’t tell that to Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop, who can’t stop fangirling over Jeremy Renner’s retired archer throughout the first two episodes of Disney+’s “Hawkeye.”

It’s a fairly major departure from the pair’s relationship in the comics.

In the comics, the connection between Kate Bishop and Clint Barton is more of a coincidence than anything else: After Barton is presumed dead, Bishop, a master archer in her own right, ends up taking up the Hawkeye mantle because she has a similar skillset. The two would eventually partner up in Matt Fraction and David Aja’s celebrated run, which the Disney+ series is largely based on.

But in the Disney+ series, which debuted Wednesday, Kate is a full blown Hawkeye super fan, even going as far as asking Clint to sign her bow. Steinfeld told TheWrap that Kate’s love of all things Hawkeye starts in that opening scene, in which we see the Bishop family home get caught in the middle of The Battle of New York from 2012’s “The Avengers.”

“We first meet Kate as she is experiencing this great loss. In that moment, she makes this incredible new discovery, and that is Hawkeye. This human who is saving the world. This person who is doing good and is helping people and he’s doing it single handedly on his own, by himself, as a human. And she’s unbelievably inspired by him,” Steinfeld says.

Unlike his fellow Avengers, Clint is not a demigod, enhanced soldier, gamma-induced rage monster or even a tech billionaire. Steinfeld attributed that aspect, plus the loss of her own father, Derek Bishop, in the show’s opening moments, to what leads Kate to taking up archery herself. (Note: Derek dying off early in her life would also represent another major detour from her comics history.)

“Her father is someone who was equally as ambitious and maybe reckless as she was, but they shared a similar view of the world. And I think she sees that that sort of point of view in Hawkeye. I do think it has a lot to do with the fact that he is human,” Steinfeld continued. “She meets him and realizes and sort of feels a similar connection in that great adventure that she might have felt was her dad.”

Kate’s father issues crop up again when, coming home for Christmas break during her senior year at college, she finds out her mom, Eleanor (Vera Farmiga) is newly engaged to Jack Duquense (Tony Dalton), and immediately rejects that whole idea.

“When a parent is at all in any way replaced or trying to be replaced, there’s an automatic rejection that is put off from the child,” Steinfeld continued. “There’s something about him initially — he’s sitting at their their dinner table, maybe where her dad used to sit. He’s treating her mom like how no other person in Kate’s world has ever treated her, outside of her dad. It’s hard for her to cope and understand that this person might possibly be in place of somebody that’s irreplaceable.”

The whole nature of Kate and Clint’s on-screen relationship starts when Kate puts on the Ronin suit after sneaking into a secret black market auction (where the suit and Clint’s nifty retractable sword he used during his time as the Ronin are up for bidding), that gets ambushed by the appropriately-named Track Suit Mafia. Kate, pretending to be a waiter, ends up putting on the suit without thinking twice.

Seinfeld says Kate had a very teenage reason for putting the suit: She didn’t want to get in trouble.

“She’s not supposed to be down there, and if her mom finds out then she’s dead. So she sees a disguise and she sees an opportunity to stay down there and figure out a way she can get involved,” Steinfeld says. That ends up leading her to come face to face with her idol, though she doesn’t get the warmest of welcomes.

“It goes from her not being able to contain her excitement and her wants to ask him a million questions and get him to sign a million things and her being his biggest fan, too, then containing that a little bit, bring it down a couple notches, understanding that now they’re in a situation that she needs to be present for and she needs to take seriously,” Steinfeld continued. “It goes from this sort of mentorship to this partnership.”

‘Hawkeye’ has fans debating if Thanos really was right


A quick glance at the internet would make it abundantly clear that the number one topic of conversation today is Hawkeye, with the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s fifth Disney Plus exclusive of the year dropping its first two episodes, which have set the stage nicely for the next four weeks.

Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton is positively radiating exhausted dad energy, while Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop has already cemented her place in the hearts of fans everywhere. This being an MCU project, though, every single aspect of the first two installments are being examined, analyzed and dissected online, and it’s reignited an Avengers: Endgame debate.

In a shocking turn of events, at one stage Clint can be seen drinking from a ‘Thanos Was Right’ mug, and as you can see below, plenty of MCU enthusiasts are on either side of the fence when it comes to supporting universe-wide genocide.

For people trying to make this a reason to hate Clint, that’s definitely not his mug. Him being annoyed at seeing “Thanos was right” is a thing in the show https://t.co/6aH759HRox — Ariel (@AriRELK) November 24, 2021

Maybe Thanos Was Right

a thread pic.twitter.com/Lm0vx9Pkji — Hanif. (haniftriw.near) (@hanifwidiyanto_) November 24, 2021

Here me out… THANOS WAS RIGHT https://t.co/QneV16b4cB — 𝓑𝕒𝕓𝕖𝕝 𓅔 ₆⁶₆ (@abelromero72) November 24, 2021

I bet MCU J. Jonah Jameson thinks Thanos was right and the Avengers were bad for undoing the snap lol — Shan4rt (@shan_4rt) November 24, 2021

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I know it’s been quite some time but still,I couldn’t be the only one who suddenly thinks “Damn. Thanos was right” out of nowhere.🥲#ThanosWasRight — siyadoris (@sasithathamod) November 24, 2021

Unpopular opinion: Thanos was right. — CEO of Snark (@KS_sunflower77) November 24, 2021

NOT CLINT DRINKING OUT OF A “THANOS WAS RIGHT” MUG 💀💀💀 pic.twitter.com/44dO7lFyHz — Twink David Harbour (TASM Supremacy Era) (@brandonjc_art) November 23, 2021

it’s so ironic bc his friend sacrificed herself fighting thanos only for people to say he was right pic.twitter.com/2Z1nOmXimF — Gabriel ⧗ (@dorksofprey) November 24, 2021

#Hawkeye Spoilers

I think that the “Thanos was right” people are the last few remaining people that still believe in the Flag smashers and what they stood for pic.twitter.com/7DbT6ocjaB — Iron Fists (Kate Bishop Era) (@ironfists2003) November 24, 2021

There are at least two ‘Thanos Was Right’ references in Hawkeye, and knowing how the franchise loves to plant seeds way before they germinate into storylines, could we be seeing a Thanos-supporting movement come to the fore in the future? Maybe, but at least we know it’ll have plenty of backers among the fanbase.