Why Mane and Jawy parted ways


Manelyk González, better known as Mane, and singer Jawy Mendez, known as Jawy, were the most famous couple of “Acapulco Shore”, MTV show where they became known. The Mexican couple had an intense romance that was full of controversies that have given us something to talk about.

Jawy and Manelyk They met in Acapulco Shore and were a couple for the first few seasons, then they broke up and came back in 2019. However, it was in season 7, which aired in 2020, that their relationship became even stronger, to the point where it they got engaged at a private party in the company of their shore friends.

During their long relationship, Manelyk and Jawy have decided to break up a couple of times and are currently estranged as they decided to end the relationship, but the reasons that led them to make this decision had not been revealed. Until now that Mane entered the program “The house of the famous”, where the young woman told the whole truth and here we tell you the details.

Jawy and Manelyk were one of the most popular couples on “Acapulco Shore”. During the popular MTV program they starred in an intense romance that was full of controversy and some ups and downs. However, after more than two years of relationship, the love story came to an end.

The speculation of their breakup began in July 2021 when Jawy, through his Twitter account, began to write a series of tweets in which he indicated that he was going through one of the most painful moments of his life.

“I wanted to but couldn’t and there are certain important things in life that it is not enough for you to want them… I trust in God’s guidance, I trust that everything in there will be repaired. Remember that I will continue here for when that happens because it WILL HAPPEN … For my greatest love, “he wrote on his Twitter account.

These publications increased the rumors of the breakup of the couple, who had gotten engaged in 2020 announcing that they would get married. However, this never happened. The truth is that at that time no one knew the reason why Jawy and Manelyk had decided to separate.

Now that Mane entered the program “The House of the Famous” the truth could be known. The Mexican influencer opened up about the breakdown of her relationship and the reasons that led her to move away from Jawy.

In talks with Celia Lora, who was also in ‘Acapulco Shore’ and got to know the members of said program closely, Mane decided to reveal what were the fights that both used to have during the time they lived together.

“Their claims were ‘well, I like to have my bed made when I get home,’ oh well then, lay it down. Sometimes he would say to me ‘Do you know what’s in the cupboard?’ and I said ‘No, because I work all day, because I pay for them to come and do it and I’m not interested in knowing what’s in the cupboard.’ Those were their claims, ”Mane told Celia Lora on the Telemundo program.

According to the young woman, Jawy wanted to have her as a servant in the house, something she did not like. Mane assured that his claims were not so high. “I wanted a family, a boyfriend, something like that normal, simple,” he added.

But, although these fights already affected the relationship, the breaking point of the relationship was an infidelity on the part of Jawy and the cover-up of the other members of “Acapulco Shore”.

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