LIVE CAMERAS: Scenes from Japan during the Olympics


The Rainbow Bridge is seen through a large size Olympic rings symbol at “Tokyo Waterfront” in the waters of Odaiba Marine Park on August 6, 2020, while the display is transferred back to the factory where it was manufactured for a safety inspection and to receive maintenance. (Photo by Behrouz MEHRI / AFP) (Photo by BEHROUZ MEHRI/AFP via Getty Images)

TOKYO (KXAN) — Two live cameras give us a glimpse of what Japan looks like during the Olympics.

Keep in mind, Tokyo and Central Texas are 14 hours apart — so those who check these out during the day will be viewing scenes at night.

The first camera shows a shot of the Olympic Village, where athletes stay. Unlike in previous years, where this area would be a hum of activity and meeting between countries, there are strict COVID-19 protocols in place including daily testing. After the Games, the buildings will be used as apartments.

In the background is the Tokyo Bay Connector Bridge, also known as the Rainbow Bridge because of its bright colors at night. The bridge links an artificial island to the mainland, according to the Japan National Tourism Organization.

The second camera looks down on Shibuya Crossing, which was one of Tokyo’s busiest areas pre-pandemic. The JNTO says it’s been the backdrop of movies and TV shows. At its busiest, 1,000 to 2,500 people cross the intersection every two minutes.

The crossing is right near Shibuya Station, which opened in 1885. It’s now a major transportation hub.

The Tokyo Olympics began in earnest Friday with the Opening Ceremony. The Games end Aug. 8.

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