Virgo horoscope: Get to know this sign


If you’re out on Black Friday Christmas shopping for the Virgos in your life, try “fresh flowers, luxe candles, and elegant photo frames”.

Virgos, there’s nothing wrong with buying yourself a little gift now and then.

Grab a few of these goodies to spruce up your space.

Or, if you’re more inclined to treat yourself to an experience, book yourself a pedicure.

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Horoscope Today: Astrological prediction for November 30


All zodiac signs have their own characteristics and traits which define someone’s personality. Wouldn’t it be helpful if you started your day by already knowing about what’s going to come your way? Read on to find out whether the odds will be in your favour today.

Aries (March 21-April 20)

You are likely to feel self-motivated and wish to learn more to enhance your skills. Your efforts done in the direction of expanding your business are likely to yield success. You are likely to receive the support of your younger siblings in an urgent personal matter, bringing a lot of relief. It may turn out to be a very successful day for those working in the government sector. Take your health seriously as minor ailments can lead to bigger concerns later. Read more

Love Focus: Today can be a time of fireworks in a partnership and the relationship may be a little unstable as result.

Lucky Number: 1

Lucky Colour: Cream

Taurus (April 21-May 20)

This is like to be a productive day for you as you may witness new opportunities in your life. A number of good offers and investment opportunities may also open up for you today. You may have to withstand a little resentment of your relatives and loved ones. You need to think deeply about the advantages and disadvantages before changing your current job. This is a good time to spend money on self-grooming or image makeover as the results are likely to be highly favourable. Read more

Love Focus: If there is someone special you like, you are likely to convince them of your intention to get together in a deeper and meaningful way.

Lucky Number: 7

Lucky Colour: Maroon

Gemini (May 21-Jun 21)

Your cooperative and flexible nature is likely to impress people and they are likely to be drawn towards the positive vibe you exude in abundance. Try to postpone major investment plans as a misstep today could prove costly. Your relationship with your family members is all set to improve, and you can expect a blissful day. It is an excellent day for working professionals as they are likely to enjoy the fruits of their hard work. Take extra precautions to keep your surroundings clean to keep ailments at bay. Read more

Love Focus: It is advised not to finalize any important date with respect to marriage or ceremony at home for now.

Lucky Number: 4

Lucky Colour: Turquoise

Cancer (Jun 22-July 22)

The day can bring an increase in your comforts and some of you may get new opportunities to enhance your lifestyle. Be ready to grab lucrative opportunities and endeavours and go ahead with every successful interest. Involvement in religious functions is likely to bring immense peace of mind for some. A pat on the back is in store for some at the workplace. An initiative on the health front is likely to keep you refreshed and rejuvenated. Read more

Love Focus: Today may be the moment to take a relationship to the next level if you are not already committed as the bond is likely to be loving and long-lasting.

Lucky Number: 11

Lucky Colour: Pink

Leo (July 23-August 23)

This is a good day for in-depth learning to expand your knowledge. Business personnel or those owning an enterprise may enjoy a comfortable and prosperous time. You are likely to receive the support of your family members and elders. Getting associated with the government sector for work may turn out to be beneficial for you. Your health chart is likely to be on the bright side throughout the day, and you feel rejuvenated and revitalized. Read more

Love Focus: If you are single then there is a probability that you might get close to someone you never predicted.

Lucky Number: 2

Lucky Colour: Peach

Virgo (August 24-September 23)

It is advised to stay calm during the day and try and consolidate your position on the professional and personal front. Any unplanned expenditure can impact your finances and unbalance your budget. Avoid being moody at home as much as possible and give a patient ear to family grievances. Some of you may also get a chance to join a foreign-based company. Remain stress-free and also cut all the extra fat to get closer to the physique that you desire. Read more

Love Focus: There would be romance in the air for Virgos! Those wanting to make their relationship official may get the blessing of their elders.

Lucky Number: 15

Lucky Colour: Light Red

Libra (September 24-October 23)

Unexpected success may brighten your day today. However, remain level-headed and count your gains and formulate your future goals. Long term schemes may prove to be more profitable and secure. Ignoring the advice of family elders in an important matter may not only complicate the situation but also cause friction at home. Working professionals are likely to get an increment in salary as previous issues may get resolved. Those suffering from a recurring ailment may soon be on the path of total recovery with a positive attitude and renewed will to be healthy. Read more

Love Focus: Your spouse is likely to remain very cooperative today, and his or her support will be of immense help.

Lucky Number: 5

Lucky Colour: Forest Green

Scorpio (October 24-November 22)

You are likely to achieve many milestones you have set for yourself by adopting a diplomatic strategy combined with your discipline and hard work. This is a good time to take up a new investment plan that would help channelize savings in the right direction. There will be a possibility of expansion in your family. Working professionals can expect to get a promotion or salary hike and your terms with superiors and senior officials are likely to improve. In challenging situations, keep yourself calm and try to stay away from all kinds of stress. Read more

Love Focus: There could be some changes in the nature of your spouse which can lead to ego clashes between you two.

Lucky Number: 22

Lucky Colour: Lemon

Sagittarius (November 23-December 21)

Rethink your strategies to avoid a negative outcome. Don’t lose patience despite the provocation. Entrepreneurs and job personnel are likely to have better growth in comparison to the recent past. Younger family members are likely to seek inspiration from you in creating a positive image. Keep up your confidence and composure to regain the winning edge. The health of your child/children might become a cause of concern today. Don’t worry; timely medical attention will make matters better. Read more

Love Focus: Your superior communication skills are likely to come in handy and help maintain harmony both in your love life and family.

Lucky Number: 1

Lucky Colour: Cream

Capricorn (December 22-January 21)

Today, you are likely to be high on energy and have tremendous enthusiasm to get closer to your goals. This may enable you to make a profitable investment. Those in business are likely to taste success in receiving a fresh loan. Your family life is likely to be happy, and spending time with your mother may give you much satisfaction. You are likely to accumulate significant profit based on your hard work. Take a class or get in tune with your spiritual side. Read more

Love Focus: Love life promises to be incredibly ecstatic today. Those newly married may make plans for a memorable getaway.

Lucky Number: 8

Lucky Colour: Dark Turquoise

Aquarius (January 22-February 19)

Today, you need to be ready to face challenges as they may be the opportunities you may have been looking for. You will need to be conservative while spending money! Times ahead may be unpredictable, so remain alert to face anything. The day is very auspicious, especially if you are expecting a new member to come into your family. t will be important to delegate work responsibilities with care today. Natural ways to enhance your appearance may improve your looks. Read more

Love Focus: Romance blossoming with a colleague is possible, so don’t resist the thought, go with the flow.

Lucky Number: 7

Lucky Colour: Peach

Pisces (February 20-March 20)

You may have to make some big decisions today. For those who own a business, their risk-taking tendency may remain high time and promises to bring handsome profit if they make calculated moves. The things which were life incomplete on the domestic front life like renovation, or vacation can happen successfully. Some of you can expect a transfer at work. On the health front, avoid intoxication or unhealthy choices and practice moderation in all that you do. Read more

Love Focus: Spending the evening in a romantic restaurant or indulging in movie time at home may add a spark to your relationship.

Lucky Number: 4

Lucky Colour: Turquoise

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