Mujra dancing is a popular dance form which has a long and colourful history.

The dance combines elements of the classic Indian dance Kathak with native music genres like thumri and ghazal.

It originated during Mughal ruling in the South Asian subcontinent in places like Jaipur where it was a family art, passed down generations.

In Lahore’s Heera Mandi, Pakistan’s oldest red light district, the performance was a mix between art and exotic dance.

Performers were often serving as courtesans amongst Mughal royalty or wealthy patrons.

It is in Pakistan where the dance has continued to exist and stay popular.

Pakistani Mujra culture is a sub-culture which revolves around dancing performed to popular Pakistani Mujra songs.

In the modern day, Mujra dancers perform at events such as weddings, bachelor parties, in theatre and on-stage.

Pakistani Mujra comedy is a common place for the dance form to be mixed in with comedy storylines and sketches.

Many of the dancers from Pakistan tend to have voluptuous bodies and tend to dress in colourful and tight outfits to accentuate their suggestive moves and figures.

The music used is always upbeat with strong rhythms and catchy lyrics, frequently sang by artists like Naseebo Lal. Many of the dancers perform to popular Bollywood songs too.

Some dancers fly over from cities in Pakistan to even perform at events in India.

Depending on the popularity of the dancer, what they charge for their dances can vary. Fees start from Rs. 15,000 (£157) and can go up to Rs. 15 Lakhs (£15,760).

Mujra dancing is very much in-demand at male parties and gatherings, where the dancers are showered with rupees for their scintillating performances.

The highly seductive dance form has seen many famous dancers from Pakistan who specialise in Mujra, particularly sisters Nargis and Deedar.

We look at the 10 top beautiful and best Mujra dancers from Pakistan and their popularity for this unique form of dance.