In a new post on TikTok, Zoe Laverne posted about getting her cousin Danyella “back,” but what happened to her? Here’s what we know.

Zoe Laverne Says Her Cousin Danyella’s Parents “Took Her Away”

TikTok star Zoe Laverne has 10.5 million followers on the popular lip-syncing app. She started making videos on the platform when it was still, amassing three million followers in her first couple of years alone. Her feed features a series of short videos of her lip-syncing and joking around, sometimes with her boyfriend Cody Orlove or her cousin Danyella.

Recently, though, Zoe posted a new TikTok of a montage of her cousin, with the caption, “I’ll get you back, Danyella.. I promise.”

Everyone in the comments is asking what happened to Danyella.

While Danyella is one of Zoe’s followers' favorite guests on her account, she doesn’t make appearances all that often, especially recently. That’s why fans were surprised when Zoe posted a video saying that she needed to get her cousin back.

All of Zoe’s followers commented on the video asking what the full story was, but it seems like no one had a completely clear answer.

Source: Instagram

What happened to Danyella? Apparently, her parents “took her away,” according to Zoe Laverne.

Those of Zoe’s commenters who have some idea as to what happened don’t say much more than her parents “took her away.” This easily sounds like Danyella was just grounded, and Zoe is making a big deal out of nothing, but it’s actually more complicated than that.

On Zoe’s Instagram, she posted a story requesting her followers to follow the account @bringbackdanyella. The first post on the account, which is run by Zoe, explains what’s really going on.

“So for the people who don’t know the story here.. danyella is my cousin and her mother and step father decided to take danyella away from her real father and my side of the family,” Zoe wrote in the first post on the account. “We’ve never done anything wrong to them or danyella and we have no idea why they’re doing this. but we are going to be doing our best to be able to see her again. i love y’all.”

Zoe also admits in the post that it isn’t the whole story, and that there’s definitely more of a family feud going on behind the scenes that she doesn’t feel comfortable sharing with her followers. It’s unclear if it’s a clear custody battle that’s going on between the two parties, but whatever the case, it seems like Danyella isn’t allowed to see Zoe right now.

The account already has over 8,000 followers, and fans are spreading the word about Zoe’s wishes to have Danyella back.

Zoe said she and her friends prayed for Danyella on tour.

Right now, Zoe, Cody, and some of her other social media friends are on the “Socials Tour.” On the account @bringbackdanyella, Zoe posted a video of her and the rest of the group holding hands with their heads bowed, praying for Danyella to return to Zoe.

“Please bring Danyella back to me no matter how hard it is,” a tearful Zoe can be heard in the video. “Just please bring her back for me at least for Christmas.”

Fans have been pouring into the comments with their support, telling her to stay strong and that they’re also wishing for Danyella to come back to her.

Danyella previously had a TikTok account, which has since been deleted. Her Instagram account, with over 50,000 followers, has been inactive for over a year.

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