Charity shop appeals for donations following fears over council's rival recycling bid

A CHARITY shop fears a new council recycling scheme could see donations of clothing dry up. Maldon District Council is starting door-to-door textile collections for residents. But volunteers and staff at Burnham’s Helen Rollason Cancer Charity shop are worried that could lead to a decline in clothes being donated to the charity.

6 charities accepting donations to fight coronavirus

As the number of individuals infected by the novel coronavirus increases with signs that there are transmissions within the city, it’s more important now than ever for Hong Kongers to band together and have compassion for each other.

Nude photos raised over $1 million for the Australia fires

A series of devastating wildfires have burned millions of acres in Australia. Across the continent, an estimated 1 billion animals have been killed, and fire officials say some individual blazes will continue burning for months.

China seeks blood donations in coronavirus fight

Multiple Chinese cities are seeing their blood supplies dwindle as travel restrictions amid fears of the coronavirus have kept potential donors at home. Officials in Shiyan in the Hubei province, the epicenter of the virus outbreak that has killed more than 2,000 people and infected over 74,000 others, sent out pleas for healthy locals ages 18 to 55 to donate blood, Reuters reported, citing the China Daily newspaper.

Online donations are no substitute for proper coronavirus funding

I tapped the unfamiliar name on my phone. A window popped up in WeChat to ask me how much money I would like to send. I typed in 50, clicked “confirm” and held the phone at eye level so the facial recognition system could fill in my password automatically.

How to help Australia recover from wildfires

How to help Australia recover from wildfires Australia is witnessing the worst fire season in its history. Deadly fires have been raging across southeast Australia for months. The most dangerous part of the year for wildfires has just begun.