Pakistani sexy films: full movie

ActorsMadhu, Ahmad Butt, Zafri Ahmad, Zarri and othersDirector(s)Shahzad HaidarProducer(s)Riaz Gujjar, Shahzad GujjarWriter(s)Saleem MuradMusician(s)Tafoo, Ali AfzalPoet(s)0Singer(s)?Camera?Other's Eid-ul-Azha 1434hijri, Wednesday, October 16, 2013 Color: Color Genre: Obscene film Film company: Gujjar Art Productions

Nanga dance Mujra itinerary

Mujra is a dance performance by females in a format that emerged in South Asia during the Mughal empire, where the elite class and local rulers like the nawabs of the Indian society (often connected to the Mughal emperor’s court) used to frequent courtesans for their entertainment at night.

Thai retail giant launches record-breaking IPO

BANGKOK: Thai conglomerate Central Retail launched the country’s biggest ever IPO on Thursday (Feb 20), giving it a market cap of around US$8.1 billion in a punt on a sputtering economy now hampered by the new coronavirus.

What is JCB's Balance Sheet

What is a Japan Central Bank’s Balance Sheet? JCB is the only international payment brand based in Japan. A central bank’s balance sheet summarizes its financial position, and is made up of assets, liabilities and equity.