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Who is Chelsea Manning?

A judge rules that it is no longer necessary for her to testify in the inquiry into Wikileaks. US judge frees Chelsea Manning from jail Image copyright Getty Images

Tight pair Sabitzer & Werner|Josip Ilicic scored 4 goals

The 25-year-old Austrian scored two goals to secure the East-German’s first last eight participation in the Champions League, his closest friend Timo Werner delivering an assist, with Emil Forsberg scoring the third goal on Tuesday evening.

Astros cheating scandal shows no sports secret is safe

It’s now ritual, trying to apply common sense to the preposterous. You can try this at home. But it can’t be done. Consider: The trouble with secrets is people. Once a second person knows, the secret is cut in two.

Woman plays violin during brain surgery to remove tumor

The incredible moment an orchestra violinist played her instrument while surgeons operated on her brain was captured on video and has quickly gone viral. Dagmar Turner, 53, underwent surgery to remove an aggressive brain tumor on Jan.