Adolf Hitler amazing picture Go Viral

Trainer-fans couldn’t believe what they were seeing Trainers Go Viral Due To Their Bizarre Resemblance To Adolf Hitler So, here’s a sentence you bet you never thought you’d read: photos of a pair of Puma trainers have gone viral due to their resemblance to Adolf Hitler.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 / 128Gb Cheap Price and Specifications

Description Have you ever thought about how irrationally manufacturers use the front panel of a smartphone? The absence of huge display bezels could seriously reduce the size of a phone, making it more ergonomic.

Ant and Dec: Phone-in scandal nearly ruined us

TV favourites Ant and Dec have revealed they thought their careers were over when two shows were embroiled in phone-in scandals. In 2007 they encountered the “worst” time of their working lives when it was discovered phone-ins had been rigged on their Gameshow Marathon and Saturday Night Takeaway.

Mum's viral hack will change how you slice cheese forever

Any self-respecting cheese lover will know just how important it is to get your slicing technique right. Whether you’re planning to chow down on some Brie, Red Leicester or just a good old piece of Cheddar, it’s important to make sure you slice it to absolute perfection.

Kansas churches use prayer, signs to cheer on the Chiefs

Kansas churches use prayer, signs to cheer on the Chiefs Some Kansas churches are hoping to connect people using both religion and sports. A Kansas church is putting a spin on a prayer to support the Chiefs in the Super Bowl.

Sex-for-rent landlord accused of making new offer

Sex-for-rent landlord accused of making new offer Image caption Mike was recorded during secret filming offering sex for rent to a BBC undercover reporter A man who offered a sex-for-rent agreement to an undercover BBC reporter has been accused of attempting a similar arrangement with another woman.