Rolex Store Robbed @Yorkdale Mall in Toronto Canada

An incident in Toronto had Yorkdale Mall in lockdown on Friday afternoon. According to police, four teenage males wearing masks entered the mall with weapons before fleeing through a parking lot.

The Speech That Made Obama President

One speech could be all it takes! One speech could be all that is separating you from stardom in your career, business or field. I’m not exaggerating! Just as a movie can take an actor from zero to hero so too can a speech.

Tea Pot Dome Scandal for APUSH

During the 2nd Industrial Revolution, John D. Rockefeller had built up a massively powerful oil empire in the United States. His company was known as Standard Oil and at the height of his industrial might, Rockefeller’s company was responsible for more than 90% of all oil refining in the country.

Leaked Kobe Bryant crash photos rumor

LEAKED Kobe Bryant crash site photos were allegedly used by a Los Angeles cop to impress a girl at a bar just DAYS after tragic accident. A number of LA County Sheriff’s deputies took photos at the crash scene that included remains, TMZ reported.

Did north korea shoots coronavirus patient?

A North Korean trade official was shot and killed after visiting a public bath while he was meant to be in quarantine for a coronavirus precaution, according to South Korean media.

Becoming a Hokage 101 Chapter 1: Prologue, a naruto fanfic

Eyy what’s up guise, this is Haikemi! This is a rewrite of How to Become Hokage: A Guide for Dummies. I was rereading it after a year and realized both Chiyuki and the story weren’t really going the way I wanted them to, so this story was born.

Newmarket's oldest charity shop Oxfam to close next month after more than three decades in the town

Newmarket’s oldest charity shop is to close next month after more than three decades in the town. The Oxfam shop, in Wellington Street, opened its doors 35 years ago and, thanks to an army of volunteers, has raised many thousands of pounds to support the charity’s work in providing aid to people living in more than 90 of the poorest countries across the world as well as stepping in when emergencies, both man-made and natural, arise.