Allie X - Cape God Lyrics and Tracklist

About “Cape God” Cape God is the 2nd studio album by Canadian artist Allie X, set for release on February 21st, 2020. The title was officially revealed in a recent interview with VICE.

Listen: Allie X's new album 'Cape God'.

Allie X has today shared her new album, ‘Cape God’, inspired by the HBO documentary ‘Heroin: Cape Cod, US’ and her own experience of battling debilitating childhood illnesses. About new album, Allie says: “I was waiting for the right moment and place and maturity level where I could comfortably and accurately put these feelings into song.

Welcome to 'Cape God': The New Album from Allie X

Allie X, the ever-evolving enigmatic fashion icon, has just released her latest studio album, Cape God. In this new era, fans are given a more intimate glimpse into the deep - and sometimes dark - recesses of the Canadian singer’s soul.

Allie X - Cape God

‘Cape God’ might well be Allie X’s most ambitiously pop release to date, but it lacks any edge she’s previously shown. ‘June Gloom’ and ‘Rings A Bell’ are both fun, meticulously-produced gems, but sonically it all has an inoffensive sheen.

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