Lady Gaga - Sexxx Dreams (Audio)

“The single for ARTPOP was supposed to be ‘Sexxx Dreams,’ but then I wrote ‘Applause’ and I was like ‘No, no, this is the song.’ It’s one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written,” she explained.

“Sexxx Dreams” (2013)

A deep cut off ARTPOP, this sexy synthpop track finds Gaga taking fans deep inside her kinkiest dreams. Though it never got the single treatment, the song remains a fan-fave. But it didn’t come easy.

“We recorded that in a hotel room. I don’t remember what city we were in. But I do remember that we started after her show was over and didn’t leave until noon the next day. We were literally up all night on that song the first night,” Blair revealed. “She had this idea in her head and wanted to get it out. Had a little part of it before the show. And then she was so stoked about it that, after the show, we all went up in the room, set up, and worked on it for a really, really long time.”