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What is a weekend dentist?

According to the American Dental Association, most dentists in the United States only work four days a week. This is all well and good for regular check-ups, scheduled appointments, and non-emergency surgeries.

Unfortunately, while dental practitioners need time off now and again, dental pain never rests. Moreover, many Americans would simply prefer to visit a dentist open Saturday or Sunday – the kids are out of school, you can go during the day without missing work, and it’s overall a lot more convenient for many patients.

As a result of this high demand, we’ve seen a growing trend over the past several years of dental clinics choosing to open their offices over the weekend. Usually, weekend dentist clinics exclusively open Saturdays and Sundays to accommodate a niche market without overworking their practitioners and associates. However, some regular clinics are just choosing to hold regular office hours through Saturday in addition to their Monday through Friday time slots, in order to accommodate the weekend where most Americans are the most available.

Weekend dentist offices tend to be a bit more rare, simply because there usually aren’t enough patients to justify opening the clinic. However, it is possible to find a weekend emergency dentist who’s mission is specifically to help those who need immediate attention to deal with a serious problem.