Trainer-fans couldn’t believe what they were seeing

Trainers Go Viral Due To Their Bizarre Resemblance To Adolf Hitler

So, here’s a sentence you bet you never thought you’d read: photos of a pair of Puma trainers have gone viral due to their resemblance to Adolf Hitler.

The Puma Storm Adrenaline has a distinctive black cut-away shaped toe and a black tongue some people reckon looks like the Nazi leader’s hair and moustache.

Credit: Penn News

One trainer-fan wrote: “I never noticed. I used the shoe twice and never realised it until now.

“I have gotten rid of it. I’ve already sold it.”

A second gave it a ‘8/10 on the Hitler scale’ and another chipped in to say it was ‘not positive for the brand’.

A third disagreed completely, posting: “Adolf Hitler shoes? I did not see it directly. I think it’s a bit far-fetched.”

The shoe design has also been likened to US writer Edgar Allen Poe and Russian dramatist Nikolai Gogol.

The Nazi leader superimposed over the top of the trainers. Credit: Penn News

LADbible has contacted Puma for comment.

This isn’t the first time people reckon they’ve spotted a dead ringer for the late dictator in everyday objects.

Over the years, we’ve seen Hitler houses, cats and even a goldfish. Possibly the worst of all the comparisons came back in 2017, when a man called Stuart Boyd got his passport through the post and noticed that a small printing error made it look like he had a Hitler-style moustache. Unlucky.

Speaking to Manchester Evening News Stuart said: “I was really angry when I saw it. I was distraught, really. I just thought, ‘Oh, for God’s sake, I have to have this for 10 years and they can’t even get it right’.”

Credit: MEN

Thankfully, after alerting the Passport Office to the mistake, Stuart was given a new passport, minus the smudge.

He added: “To be fair the woman was very pleasant and helpful. She said they obviously didn’t intentionally make me look like Adolf Hitler and told me to send it back so they can issue a new one.”